Troubleshooting guide

This section contains a few tips and tricks which can help you troubleshoot and solve your Hyper-V compute node’s potential issues.

OpenStack Services not running

You can check if the OpenStack services are up by running:

Get-Service nova-compute
Get-Service neutron-*

All the listed services must have the Running status. If not, check their logs, which can typically be found in C:\OpenStack\Log\. If there are no logs, try to run the services manually. To see how to run nova-compute manually, run the following command:

sc.exe qc nova-compute

The output will contain the BINARY_PATH_NAME with the service’s command. The command will contain the path to the nova-compute.exe executable and its configuration file path. Edit the configuration file and add the following:

debug = True
use_stderr = True

This will help troubleshoot the service’s issues. Next, run nova-compute in PowerShell manually:

&"C:\Program Files\Cloudbase Solutions\OpenStack\Nova\Python27\Scripts\nova-compute.exe" `
    --config-file "C:\Program Files\Cloudbase Solutions\OpenStack\Nova\etc\nova.conf"

The reason why the service could not be started should be visible in the output.

Live migration

This guide offers a few tips for troubleshooting live migration issues.

If live migration fails because the nodes have incompatible hardware, refer to refer to Configuration.

How to restart a service on Hyper-V

Restarting a service on OpenStack can easily be done through Powershell:

Restart-Service service-name

or through cmd:

net stop service_name && net start service_name

For example, the following command will restart the iSCSI initiator service:

Restart-Service msiscsi