Next steps

Your OpenStack environment now includes the nova-compute service installed and configured with the compute_hyperv driver.

If the OpenStack services are Running on the Hyper-V compute node, make sure that they’re reporting to the OpenStack controller and that they’re alive by running the following:

neutron agent-list
nova service-list

The output should contain the Hyper-V host’s nova-compute service and Neutron L2 agent (either a Neutron Hyper-V Agent, or a Neutron OVS Agent) as alive / running.

Starting with Ocata, Nova cells became mandatory. Make sure that the newly added Hyper-V compute node is mapped into a Nova cell, otherwise Nova will not build any instances on it. In small deployments, two cells are enough: cell0 and cell1. cell0 is a special cell, instances that are never scheduled are relegated to the cell0 database, which is effectively a graveyard of instances that failed to start. All successful/running instances are stored in cell1.

You can check your Nova cells by running this on the Nova Controller:

nova-manage cell_v2 list_cells

You should at least have 2 cells listed (cell0 and cell1). If they’re not, or only cell0 exists, you can simply run:

nova-manage cell_v2 simple_cell_setup

If you have the 2 cells, in order to map the newly created compute nodes to cell1, run:

nova-manage cell_v2 discover_hosts
nova-manage cell_v2 list_hosts

The list_hosts command should output a table with your compute nodes mapped to the Nova cell. For more details on Nova cells, their benefits and how to properly use them, check the Nova cells documentation.

If Neutron Hyper-V Agent has been chosen as an L2 agent, make sure that the Neutron Server meets the following requirements:

  • networking-hyperv installed. To check if networking-hyperv is installed, run the following:
  pip freeze | grep networking-hyperv

If there is no output, it can be installed by running the command:
  pip install networking-hyperv==VERSION

The ``VERSION`` is dependent on your OpenStack deployment version. For
example, for Queens, the ``VERSION`` is 6.0.0. For other release names and
versions, you can look here:
  • The Neutron Server has been configured to use the hyperv mechanism driver. The configuration option can be found in /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini:
mechanism_drivers = openvswitch,hyperv

If the configuration file has been modified, or networking-hyperv has been installed, the Neutron Server service will have to be restarted.

Additionally, keep in mind that the Neutron Hyper-V Agent only supports the following network types: local, flat, VLAN. Ports with any other network type will result in a PortBindingFailure exception. If tunneling is desired, the Neutron OVS Agent should be used instead.