This section describes how to install a Hyper-V nova compute node into an OpenStack deployment. For details about configuration, refer to Configuration.

This section assumes that you already have a working OpenStack environment.

The easiest way to install and configure the nova-compute service is to use an MSI, which can be freely downloaded from:

The MSI can optionally include the installation and / or configuration of:

  • Neutron L2 agents: Neutron Hyper-V Agent, Neutron OVS Agent (if OVS is installed on the compute node).
  • Ceilometer Polling Agent.
  • Windows Services for the mentioned agents.
  • Live migration feature (if the compute node is joined in an AD).
  • OVS vSwitch extension, OVS bridge, OVS tunnel IP (if OVS is installed, and Neutron OVS Agent is used).
  • Free RDP
  • iSCSI Initiator

MSIs can be installed normally through its GUI, or can be installed in an unattended mode (useful for automation). In order to do so, the following command has to be executed:

msiexec /i \path\to\the\HyperVNovaCompute.msi /qn /l*v log.txt

The command above will install the given MSI in the quiet, no UI mode, and will output its verbose logs into the given log.txt file. Additional key-value arguments can be given to the MSI for configuration. Some of the configurations are:

  • ADDLOCAL: Comma separated list of features to install. Acceptable values: HyperVNovaCompute,NeutronHyperVAgent,iSCSISWInitiator,FreeRDP
  • INSTALLDIR: The location where the OpenStack services and their configuration files are installed. By default, they are installed in: %ProgramFiles%\Cloudbase Solutions\OpenStack\Nova
  • SKIPNOVACONF: Installs the MSI without doing any of the other actions: creating configuration files, services, vSwitches, OVS bridges, etc.


msiexec /i HyperVNovaCompute.msi /qn /l*v log.txt `

After installing the OpenStack services on the Hyper-V compute node, check that they are up and running:

Get-Service nova-compute
Get-Service neutron-*
Get-Service ceilometer-*  # if the Ceilometer Polling Agent has been installed.

All the listed services must have the Running status. If not, refer to the Troubleshooting guide.

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